2021 Conference

2021 California Seth Conference Speakers

Helen Stewart is presenting at this year's 2021 California Seth Conference! Her presentation will be, "Didja Mean It?".

Helen Stewart was first introduced to the Seth material in 1972 and has been immersed in it ever since. While she has “good paper” from mainstream academic institutions, Helen still considers the Seth material to be the foundation of her intellectual history and fusion wisdom consciousness.

Helen helped moderate the Seth component of the 1990’s New Age Forum on CompuServe; that forum alone had more than 75,000 members! Those were some heady days and she still has some of the files from those online conversations back in the day. When Seth Network International grew out of Maud Cardwell’s Austin Seth Center in Texas, Helen was there, soaking up all that Maud and Sally Gearhart and Lynda Dahl and Stan Ulkowski had to offer. She attended and presented at several Seth conferences on the East Coast and began attending the Rocky Mountain Seth Conference when she moved to Santa Fe NM to establish the University for Metaphysical Studies (UMS). UMS was intended to become eventually a full-fledged metaphysical university. Alas, Helen was a talented intuitive, university professor and academic administrator, but she was a terrible fundraiser and UMS went into hiatus after ten years of hard work with her merry band of well-meaning but also fundraising-challenged supporters. Rob Butts was one of those supporters and formally lent his name to the UMS effort by becoming an Honorary Trustee.

Now retired and with nothing to “prove,” Helen has returned to her first loves of reading, writing, and thinking about the nature of personal reality, mass events, and cosmology. Her special interest at the moment centers around what Seth termed “emanation,” the moment when probabilities from Framework 2 emerge into Framework 1 as shared co-creations. Related to that and for a number of very personal reasons, this broad interest has telescoped right now into a focus on the constant creation of the physical body.

In addition to a website she has maintained for over fifteen years, Helen published her first book in 2013 about business applications of intuition, entitled Seven Seconds or Less: From Gut Feeling to Bottom Line in Challenging Areas of Business. Intuitive management consulting has been her principal work since she left the mainstream university. Helen has worked with publicly traded companies, entrepreneurs, artists, and metaphysical practitioners in the U.S. and abroad – as an “out” intuitive!

Helen is currently at work on a two-volume set of essays and an “annotated” memoir called Grits and Granola.
For the 2021 California Seth Conference Helen will be asking the question she asked herself when diagnosed with a life-threatening illness in 2015: “Didja Mean It?” Do you really believe Seth’s declaration that we create our own reality? While there is plenty to discuss regarding mass events, Helen’s talk will focus on the intimate experience of her own physical body.

Below are a few links to help you get to know Helen a bit more prior to the conference:

Website: http://drhelenstewart.com 
Email Address:  helenstewart7@yahoo.com 
Facebook Personal Page: https://www.facebook.com/helen.l.stewart 
Skype: helenssd

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Helen-L.-Stewart/e/B00MQAEVWU?ref_=dbs_p_eb (2013): Helen’s book on applied business intuition is available online at Amazon.com or via a link on her website. The full title is, Seven Seconds or Less: From Gut Feeling to Bottom Line in Challenging Areas of Business.

Link via Helen’s website: https://drhelenstewart.com/about-helen-3/ 
Blog post on intuition hot spots: https://drhelenstewart.com/2017/04/26/intuition-hot-spots-iia-the-kitchen/ 
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Blog post on what happened to my big toe on a trip to New York City (my literal toe, not the acronym for my own “Theory of Everything,” although there may be hints: https://drhelenstewart.com/2014/04/03/my-big-toe/ 
Blog post about what my dog taught me about intuition: https://drhelenstewart.com/2016/10/01/a-dogs-intuition/ 
Blog post about, “The Body As Storyboard”: https://drhelenstewart.com/2015/09/29/plot-twists-the-body-as-storyboard/ 

Daily Seth Quote

“In a very real manner, events or objects are actually focal points where highly charged psychic impulses are transformed into something that can be physically perceived; a breakthrough into matter. When such highly charged impulses intersect or coincide, matter is formed. The reality behind such an explosion into matter is independent of the matter itself. An identical or nearly identical pattern may reemerge "at any time" again and again if the proper coordinates exist for activation.” - Seth