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About The California Seth Conference

Formed in 2009, the California Seth Conference was created and organized by Lawrence Davidson. Lawrence was a student of Jane Roberts ESP class and one of the "New York Boys". He continued producing the conference until 2015 and transitioned from this reality in 2016.

Several years passed when finally in 2020 the conference was passed to its current organizers, Thomas Leichardt and Jeffrey Kiefer. The new team brought the conference online and decided it should be free of charge, also creating the consistent theme of "Practical Seth", or using the teaching of Seth in our everyday life.

We welcome you and are thrilled that you're here. We look forward to seeing you at all our annual conferences and other special events.

Meet The 2022 Conference Organizers

Thomas Leichardt

Thomas Leichardt

Thomas Leichardt

Thomas Leichardt has passionately studied and practiced the Seth Material alongside his study and practice of Chinese medicine, the energetic healing arts, and spiritual alchemy. Teaching people to awaken their own awareness is a real passion for Thomas, for it mirrors his own passion for awakening and exploring the furthest reaches of consciousness, and then translating this expansion back into physical terms. Thomas teaches medical Qigong, practices energy healing and transformation, and is also a channel for Illi. Thomas has many channeled messages and informational videos on his YouTube channel.

Thomas is also a core member of the Modern Mystic Mystery School.

Visit Thomas at his YouTube Channel or his website - Sumari Healing Arts.

Jeffrey Kiefer

Jeffery Kiefer

Jeffrey Kiefer

Jeffrey Kiefer has lived and studied the Seth material since 1986 and has used it to recreate his life a number of times.

A former social worker, he stepped into the California Seth Conference since its beginning with Lawrence Davidson, one of the original Seth class members from Elmira, New York. Jeffrey is a nonverbal channeler and I.T. flow facilitator for the conference. He enables all of our information technology and wisdom transmissions to flow smoothly.

He is deeply connected to nature spirits, archetypal symbols, and the language of light which he receives as nonverbal channeling. Jeffrey translates his insights into support of the conference, and he is also a core member of the Modern Mystic Mystery School.