2021 Conference

2021 California Seth Conference Speakers

Beth and Peter Bostwick are presenting at this year's 2021 California Seth Conference! You can watch it live-streamed on our YouTube channel, and also live-streamed on our Facebook group page.

Beth and Peter Bostwick have had both wonderful experiences and devastating blows. After years of consulting gigs and working in large companies, they started a software company in their backyard — with very little knowledge of the start-up space. The net result of their wild 10+ year ride in the start-up world was a company that led to an industry-wide transformation that benefited many.

In the later years of the company, the Bostwicks ran into significant difficulties with a business partner and found themselves in a desperate place — they had six months before they would have to file for bankruptcy and lay off all employees. During that perilous time, they probed their thinking, wondering how they ended up in such a bad place. It was in that painful and lengthy soul-searching that they began to understand the power of thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.

By changing their thinking, the Bostwicks were able to sell their company for millions within six months, and their employees kept their jobs. Afterward, they took time to understand how their views of themselves and the world had shifted. Those efforts helped them develop simple, easy-to-use tools and processes for others to apply in their own lives.


Daily Seth Quote

“In a very real manner, events or objects are actually focal points where highly charged psychic impulses are transformed into something that can be physically perceived; a breakthrough into matter. When such highly charged impulses intersect or coincide, matter is formed. The reality behind such an explosion into matter is independent of the matter itself. An identical or nearly identical pattern may reemerge "at any time" again and again if the proper coordinates exist for activation.” - Seth