2022 California Seth Conference

Speaker introduction for the 2022 California Seth Conference.

Larry Rush, Black Sheep of the Universe, and Black Sheep Artists are presenting at this year's 2022 California Seth Conference! The group will have many presentations on Seth-inspired art.

Larry Rush runs two Facebook groups, ‘Black Sheep of the Universe’ and ‘Black Sheep Artists’. Both were Seth-inspired.

Larry is an avid Seth reader who started reading the Seth Material nearly twenty years ago. He belonged to various metaphysical Facebook groups including Seth groups. But he became disenchanted with certain groups (not the Seth ones) as they rarely allowed you to introduce other teachings - it was all about the ‘spiritual person’ around who the group had been formed. And because having become famous, many were ‘gobbled up’ by the big consortiums e.g. Hay House, you were really unable to criticize other supposed ‘spiritual teachers’ within that organization.

When Larry left the groups, some real friendships had been formed though so he was encouraged to start his own Facebook group, which he duly did. This was Black Sheep of the Universe, drawing of course from Seth’s famous phrase. But Larry didn’t want it to be a Seth group, he wanted a mix of people with different ideas/beliefs to stimulate discussion. So he invited people from these previous non-Sethie groups and ‘Sethies’ from various Seth groups. As many of the posts started to include artwork, Larry decided to open another ‘sister’ group and called it ‘Black Sheep Artists’. Many members therefore of the ‘Universe’ group are also members of the ‘Artist’ group and vice versa.

Both these groups were invited to contribute to the California Seth Conference 2022 so Larry arranged that his respective groups would present what they do want what they’re about to the Conference. 

Here is the link to the ‘Universe’ group for anyone interested: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1052488728162114/

And here is the link to the ‘Artist’ group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1512132598874029/

You can watch the 2022 California Conference on April 2 & 3, 2022 live on our website or live on our YouTube channel. Live Q & A questions will come from our YouTube channel chat during the live conference.

California Seth Conference Website - https://californiasethconference.com
Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/californiasethconference
YouTube Channel = https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdfM3nBh7qieVrGIcG18l9Q

Daily Seth Quote

“You must watch the pictures that you paint with your imagination... ...your environment and the conditions of your life at any given time are the direct result of your own inner expectations. You form physical materializations of these realities within your own mind.” - Seth